A key part of any actor's CV is a high quality voice reel. This is a service that KaiSound is happy to provide. The voiceover sessions are run out of a professional studio in Acton, London, operating at a price point well below that of the competition. 

Actors wishing to add a voice reel to their CV will need to source their own material, both for scripts, and for backing music. This will then be transferred to us and we will prep the session before the client arrives ensuring a smooth recording process. 

The voiceovers will be mixed and edited once the client has left, and will be transferred over that day in both small mp3 files, and in high quality WAV files. Examples can be found at the bottom of this page.

The session takes less than two hours to complete, in which time 6-8 scripts can be completed. By having the editing and mixing done once the client has left, costs are kept down for the client. 

The price for this is a very attractive £200 per client including all fees. £100 deposit is paid to secure the booking, with the rest paid on the day.

In summary:

Professional Studio in Acton.

£200 for 6-8 Mixed and Edited Pieces.

Roughly 1hrs 50mins in the studio.

Edited and Mixed files sent same day. 

Music and Scripts required the day before.

Week’s notice required, though the studio is often readily available. 

£100 deposit for each client. £100 paid on the day.