With access to multiple studios in and around central London, it is possible to accommodate any project, big or small. Operating out of one studio limits flexibility, using multiple studios helps give every client a new approach, helping the music sound the way it should. 


We live in a digital age, and as a result, KaiSound takes on a modern approach to the mixing process. We offer an online mixing service, where audio is sent in its most raw form. This audio is then processed to the extent the client desires and returned for review with an intermittent watermark.


If you are only looking to add the final touches to your project and are looking to take things to the next level, then we can help at that stage as well. Mastering is the icing on the cake, and can take your song and help it shine. 

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The process of capturing the core material of any song. This involves finding  premises where great sound can be cultivated and captured.

Editing & Post Production


Here, the raw sounds are cut to size, arranged and fettled into their best representation of themselves. This may include manipulation of timing, pitch and combination of performances.



Mixing involves the sonic enhancement of the audio to ensure a cohesive fit between all elements of the song. This relates to elements of dynamics, frequency and spatial processing.



The final stage in the processing of audio is often overlooked, although the final sweetening of a mix can make or break its success.
Mastering takes a good mix and makes it great.

KaiSound provides all of these services, send us an email to get started on your next project.