KaiSound Kemper Pack - Pal Red Smth TM15

KaiSound is proud to present the Pal Red Smth TM15 Kemper pack. The TM15 is a high gain monster, managing to fit some massive 6L6s into a small chassis providing lots of low end and body to the amp. This beast has more gain than you could ever need and has enough body to more than make up for its diminuituive size. The clean and breakup are also lovely, and really do that American full bodied tone well. With a boost pedal applied the low end tightens up and pushes the mids forward to give you a high gain tone that could cut through any mix.


Featuring a diverse range of tones captured with the upmost attention to detail and sonic quality. Each of the profiles features a specific recording and mixing process that aims to subtly enhance the character of each amp, giving it the ability to cut through the mix that much better.


For each of the standard profiles, we test a myriad of cab and mic combinations to find 5 that best express the amp at each gain level. In turn, each of these combinations are given a similar yet subtly different studio process to shed light on the most pleasing parts of the tone, whilst taming the ugly parts slightly. This leaves us with an incredibly natural sounding, mix-ready tone that can function anywhere from a Bedroom, to a Studio or on Stage.


If you want to keep your tone unadulterated by this process, you will find the direct profiles to be your best choice. Here you have access to the amplifier dialled into its sweet spot for each level of gain without any processing or cab, giving you the sonic freedom to pair it with the cab of your choice. Included in these profiles is our KaiSound Cab so that you are not shocked with the fizz that an amp possesses before it meets a speaker. However this can be easily disabled and replaced with a cab of your choice.


If you want to hear more, check out the video demos below, played in three genres to demonstrate the versatility of the profiles, featuring guitars that can be heard in thousands of videos to help you better understand what the profiles truly sound like. If you want more examples, check out the SoundCloud playlists where you can find isolated clips to really put the tones under a sonic microscope.


All tonal examples in our videos are unprocessed after they leave the Kemper other than slight compression, eq and limiting, applied to the mix bus. The clips on SoundCloud are 100% unprocessed, bypassing any master bus processing on their way to your ears.







KaiSound Kemper Pack - Pal Red Smth TM15

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