E25 - Strings & Choir 


The mixing of strings and choir is fairly straightforward, so I thought I should put the two of them together into one video to not waste anyones time!


With strings, I think the most important thing is good programming and patch choice. After that very little is needed to help them sit in a mix. Before EQ-ing the strings, they actually sound far nicer to my ear than after, but in the context of the mix they disappear without this huge high end boost, and fairly large low end cut. 


The strings feature a large amount of reverb, but I feel this is of vital importance to help give them some life, otherwise they sound very stale, but put them in a big room and all of a sudden they sound far nicer!

With choir I actually chose to do zero processing to the individual channels. I simply established a balance I was happy with then handled the processing on the bus. Some gentle compression was applied to help level out the variances in dynamics between phrases, then some eq to cut all the rumble and mud, and bring up the air and definition significantly. The eq like with the strings maybe makes the choir sound a bit less pleasant, but without this tonal shift it really doesn’t help the mix.


I must add though, before the choir became stems, it was compressed to level it out, so its no surprise it needs less processing now. 


Like with strings, the reverb is of huge importance. The right sound can help the choir come to life and blend the midi patch in with the real ‘choir’. A large room was used to mimic some real choir conditions.