E18 - Drum Parallel Bus

For this weeks episode we’re going to take a super quick look at the drum parallel bus. Here is where I find my final 5% comes from in my drum mixes. Parallel buses an be used for a variety of things, but I like to use them to either add attack, or add sustain. In this case I have used it to add attack as I felt my drum mix was slightly lacking in this area. I feed all my shells to this parallel bus, and compress them super aggressively, with a fast attack, and a medium fast release. This lets just a small amount of the transient through, and drops out the tail to help the drums have a bit more snap. This is then mixed in to taste.


I also add saturation at this stage, as mentioned in previous episodes this adds harmonic content and fills the sound out further helping the sustain and weight of the drums. 


Now what I tent to look for in this process is a squashed, pumping, aggressive sound. Where the drums become more of a click than a kit, using it as an effect, and often sparingly. But in small doses it can pull your ear towards the drums.