E01 - Playthrough

For this episode there isn't much to say as we're not really explaining or demonstrating anything. So down below you will find the information on how each of the parts were captured to give a bit more insight into the song.

Drum Info

Drums were programmed inside of GGD Modern and Massive, the kit pieces were  the Pearl Masters 22x16 Kick, Yamaha Recording Custom 14x8 Birch Snare, Yamaha Recording Custom Toms, 14" Meinl Mb20 Soundwave Hats, 18" Meinl Mb20 Medium Heavy Crash, 22" Meinl Byzance Heavy Traditional Ride and, 20" Meinl Mb10 Medium Heavy Crash. The parts were drawn in inside of the midi editor, although the initial kick and snare groove was played in on the pads of the M Audio Oxygen 25.

Shaker Info

Shaker samples and loops, along with Tamborine hits and loops were taken from the ELPHNT SHAKE pack.

Bass Info

The bass was a Squier  Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass, strung with new Ernie Ball Power Slinkys. The part was played with a Jim Dunlop 0.96mm gator grip pick. Using a Planet Waves American Classic guitar cable, the part was tracked into the DI input of an Audient id22 with all processing being handled inside of the DAW.

Guitar Info

The guitars used in the song were a Schecter Hollywood Classic, and  Fender '52 Telecaster Reissue. The Schecter is stock, whereas the Fender has locking tuners, compensated brass saddles and a graph tech nut. Both guitars were strung with a set of Ernie Ball Heavy Bottom Slinkys, and tuned in C#G#C#F#G#C# from low to high, for all parts. Effectively DADGAD but down one semi tone. 

Guitar DIs were also tracked through the DI input of the Audient id22 via a Planet Waves American Classic cable, and reamped using Two Notes Torpedo Reload. The amps used across each of the parts were the Egnater Tweaker 15, Orange Jim Root Terror, PRS MT15 and EVH 5150 III LBX II. The majority of the Schecter parts were played with a Jim Dunlop Gator Grips 1.14mm pick, and the Tele parts were played with a 0.93mm of the same model.

Synth Info

All synth elements were from patches inside of Xpand! 2 which is a stock instrument in Pro Tools. The patches were; Dirty Dog+ , Dirt Monster+and Mindsweeper+. Each played in on an M Audio Oxygen 25, and quantised inside of Pro Tools.

Keys Info

The Piano used was the Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano, the Organ was the Digital Church Organ+ from Xpand! 2, the Strings were Big Legato Strings from Xpand! 2, and the Choir was from Aah Choir, Choir 1 to Choir 2 XFade+, Male Aah Choir+ and Female Ooh Choir+. Again, all played in on the M Audio Oxygen 25, and edited in Pro Tools .

FX Info

The sub drops were taken from a Chango Studios drop pack, and the glass smashes were found on Freesound or similar. 

Vocal Info

All vocals were tracked at Vale Studios in London on a Neumann TLM 103 running into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin. The choral parts were layered up inside of a separate session and stemmed out into the main session due to the high volume of tracks involved.